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Here is the resting place for old News & Updates items...

New Single and Album details... [March 5, 2003]

David Bridie's new single, the title track to the upcoming CD, Hotel Radio, is set for release on March 10th in Australia.

Apart from the album version of Hotel Radio, the CD single contains 4 additional tracks: the radio mix of Hotel Radio, a remix of the album track Nation (of the Heartless Kind), King Bluster (a track taken from the Tempted soundtrack), and the exclusive track Anti-Chase Music.

The single, Hotel Radio, is getting airplay on Triple-J and you can vote for the song on Triple-J's Net 50 here or request the song on Super Request here.

David's second solo album, Hotel Radio, hits Australian stores on April 7th on The Blunt Label through EMI Australia. The CD contains 13 new tracks:

Hotel Radio
On A Day Like This
Safety Haven
Come Around
Nation (of the Heartless Kind)
The Tender Trap
100 Flowers In Bloom
Looking After Ourselves Again
Blue Black Sky
Stumble Away

Hotel Radio
Released: April 7th

The new CD was produced by Nick Littlemore and David Bridie, and mixed by Ian Caple. It was recorded by Christian Scallan at Woodend, Mangrove Studios, and The Enormodome, and mixed at Sing Sing in Melbourne. Guest musicians include: Phil Wales, Dave Mason (The Reels), Amanda Brown (Go-Betweens), Rebecca Coseboom (Halou), and Nick Littlemore (Pnau).

Morning Star Concert details... [November 12, 2002]

Organized by David Bridie, the Morning Star Concert for West Papua will take place at the Melbourne Concert Hall on February 28, 2003 to raise support and awareness for the people of West Papua.

The concert will feature Not Drowning, Waving, Telek, Alex Lloyd, Lisa Gerrard, Paul Mac, the Bangarra Dance Theatre, Andrew Denton, Sandman and Flacco, and Dave O'Neil. The concert will also include a performance by Black Paradise from West Papua playing traditional Papuan music and string band music.

The concert is part of a broader campaign to raise awareness about the plight of the West Papuan people. A book and CD will also be published to coincide with the concert.

The Morning Star CD will be released on the BLUNT label through EMI in the lead up to the concert as well. The CD will comprise traditional recordings from West Papua, songs written about West Papua by artists such as Warumpi Band (Secret War), Not Drowning, Waving (Blackwater), My Friend the Chocolate Cake (Kelly Kwalik Country) and Ireland's Andy White, and remix soundscapes using West Papuan source material by artists such as Biftek, Pnau, fROST, Snog and Paul Mac.

Chocolate Cake - Curious & Touring [May 13, 2002]

My Friend the Chocolate Cake will be heading out on the road for a round of Australian Tour dates to promote their new CD 'Curious', which is due for released on May 27th. The tour will mostly consist of theatre venues, although the Cake will most definately "turn it up to eleven!"

EMI (Australia)
CD: ?
Released May 27 2002

It's All In the Way
I Guess It Don't Get Much Better Than This
Leave (if you want to)
I Like It Like This
The Mangrove Song
The Kilana Stringband Song
The Boat Song
Kelly Kwalik Country
More Heart Than Me

Curious Australian Tour - Winter 2002
Fri. 31st May
Sat. 1st June
Sun. 2nd June


Peacock Theatre
Peacock Theatre
Peacock Theatre
Tix: 6234 8414

Fri. 14th June


The Governor Hindmarsh
Tix: 8340 0744 or Venue Tix

Sat. 15th June


Fly By Night
Tix: 9430 5976

Sat. 22nd June


Athenaeum Theatre
Tix: 9650 1500 or 1300 136 166

Thurs. 11th July

The Clarendon

Fri. 12th July

The Metro

Sat. 13th July


Fri. 19th July


The Tivoli
Tix: 3852 1711

Sat. 27th July

The Corner (Dinner & Show)
Tix: 9427 9198

David Bridie - Back to Business [March 31, 2002]

After a mad-dash US/Canada tour, David Bridie has returned home to Australia to prepare for the May recording of his second solo CD - the follow-up to "Act of Free Choice."

David and guitarist Phil Wales finished their recent tour on a high-note at Largo in Los Angeles. The capacity crowd, excellent sound, and sterling performance made for an memorable evening.

[The entire Largo show will be available for download from this site over the coming months in our Rare Audio section.]

2002 promises to be a very busy year for David with the upcoming release of the new My Friend the Chocolate Cake CD "Curious," the upcoming scores to Bill Bennett's film "Tempted," and the new IMAX film "Australia - Land Before Time."

David Bridie US and Canada Dates [Updated: March 13, 2002]

David Bridie has hit the US/Canada shores and is in fine form. Accompanied by guitarist Phil Wales, David is playing a select number of North American cities to support the recent Nettwerk America release of his critically acclaimed 'Act of Free Choice.'

This will be a great chance to bring along some friends and introduce them to some damn fine music. For ticket sales and information, visit the venue's websites listed below.

Sat 9/3
Mon 11/3

Fri 15/3

Sun 17/3

Mon 18/3
Tue 19/3
Thurs 21/3
Fri 22/3
Los Angeles
San Francisco


New York

Los Angeles
Los Angeles

Knitting Factory
Bottom of the Hill

SXSW - Capital/Nettwerk Showcase
(with Neil Finn, Starsailor & Ed Harcourt)
Knitting Factory
(with opening act Sara Shannon from Velocity Girl)
TT the Bear's Place
Horseshoe Tavern
House of Blues - Sunset Strip: Foundation Room
Cafe Largo (Unadvertised Show) [map]


Cake and Bridie Live in Adelaide [February 6, 2002]

Both David Bridie and My Friend The Chocolate Cake will be making live appearances in The Famous Spiegeltent as part of the Aidelaide Fringe Festival.

David Bridie plays Friday March 1st, 2002.

My Friend the Chocolate Cake play Saturday March 2nd and Sunday March 3rd.

Tickets are on sale now and are available from Fringe Tix at (08) 8201 4567 or
via the Fringe website.

The travelling Spiegeltent has previously hosted My Friend the Chocolate Cake as part of the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland and both the Cake and David Bridie at the Melbourne International Festival last year.

David Bridie plays select North American cities in March [January 31, 2002]
To promote the January 29th Nettwerk America North American release of his album 'Act of Free Choice,' David Bridie will be playing select dates in the United States, and a show in Canada. The brief tour will include a spot at the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas as part of the Nettwerk showcase, which may also feature Neil Finn.

The tour is tentatively set to include stops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, New York, Boston and Chicago.

Accoring to David, he'll likely be accompanied by guitarist Phil Wales and a small army of samplers.

More details, including tickets and venue information will be available on this site as soon as it becomes available.

My Friend the Chocolate Cake Trying To Get Real Jobs [January 31, 2002]

The members of My Friend the Chocolate Cake have recently finished recording 18 new songs for the follow up to the 1996 release 'Good Luck.'

Tentatively titled 'One Day I'll Get A Real Job,' after a painting by Anne Howie, the release has been recorded at Woodstock Studios and at David Bridie's own studio, Enormodome.

The basic instrumental tracks were largely recorded live to tape, with vocals being recorded this week. The project is due to be mixed by Chris Scallan and includes the following tracks:

Kelly Kwalik
Desmond Tutu
Curious Screw
Hoe Down
Wedding Song
Boat Song
Better Than This
It's All in the Way
I Like it Like This
The Jaunty Love Boat Theme

No release date has been announced, but stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Not Drowning, Waving show reunites 5 [November 12, 2001]

November the 4th saw five members of Not Drowning, Waving reunite for a short set of NDW songs in Melbourne last weekend to promote the book launch of 'Blunt: A Biased History of Australian Rock'.

David Bridie was joined at the Corner Hotel in Richmond, VIC. by his old
Not Drowning, Waving band-mates, John Phillips, Russell Bradley, James Southall and Helen Mountfort for a set comprised of tracks from the entire NDW catalog. The set included Cold and the Crackle, Wobble, Storm, The Marriage is a Mess, Blackwater, Willow Tree, Teteko Aotearoa and The Same Heat.

Blunt: Not Drowning, Waving Interview [November 12, 2001]

'Blunt: A Biased History of Australian Rock' is now available, and comes highly recommended by David Bridie.

Compiled by Bob Blunt,
'Blunt: A Biased History of Australian Rock' provides a historical perspective of the Sydney/Melbourne music scene from 1983 onwards and chronicles such bands as X, The Scientists and Died Pretty, Crow, Not Drowning Waving, the Dirty Three, Bernie Hayes, Vicious Hairy Mary, the Blackeyed Susans, and others.

contains an in-depth interview with David Bridie speaking about Not Drowning, Waving and the history of the band and its eventual demise. Blunt is published by Prowling Tiger Press and is available via internet mail-order at Readings.

Rare one-off Not Drowning, Waving performance [November 1, 2001]

Three members of Not Drowning, Waving will be reuniting for a short set of NDW songs in Melbourne this weekend to promote the book launch of 'Blunt: A Biased History of Australian Rock'. For this event, David Bridie will be joined by his old NDW band-mates, John Phillips and Russell Bradley, for a set rumored to include Cold and the Crackle, Wobble, Storm, The Marriage is a Mess, Blackwater, and Tide.

The event will by held at the Corner Hotel in Richmond, VIC. at 7pm on Sunday the 4th of November.

Compiled by Bob Blunt, 'Blunt: A Biased History of Australian Rock' provides a historical perspective of the Sydney/Melbourne music scene from 1983 onwards and chronicles such bands as X, The Scientists and Died Pretty, Crow, Not Drowning Waving, the Dirty Three, Bernie Hayes, Vicious Hairy Mary, the Blackeyed Susans, and others.

Blunt contains an in-depth interview with David Bridie speaking about Not Drowning, Waving and the methods and madness of the band. Blunt will be published by Prowling Tiger Press and initial copies of the book will include a limited edition double CD featuring tracks from 44 bands.

Not Drowning, Waving back catalog & other news [October 31, 2001]

David Bridie recently revealed that EMI records has plans to re-release the Not Drowning, Waving back catalog.

The initial plan calls for the rerelease of the entire NDW catalog (with the exception of "Hammers" plus an additional CD which will include "...some of the b-sides/unreleased... plus rare live stuff... maybe a remix or two..." No details regarding release dates or a UK/US release have surfaced, but EMI has worldwide rights to the releases. Stay tuned!

In addition to the mini-Not Drowning, Waving reunion show, David Bridie will have a busy weekend. First, David plays this Friday (November 2nd) with his band at the world famous Spiegeltent, outside the Arts Centre, St Kilda Road, Melbourne. Saturday (November 3rd) sees David and band play at the Bendigo Heart of Gold Fiesta. And finally the NDW set on Sunday. Don't miss it!

You can get more information about this weekends shows at the official David Bridie website (www.davidbridie.com.au).

David's Act of Free Choice is now set to be released in the US and Canada on January 29th, 2002.

David Bridie finds US and Canadian home... [August 13, 2001]

David Bridie recently announced that he has been signed to Nettwerk Records in the United States and Canada. American and Canadian fans can hope that Nettwerk will be getting David and company over to their side of the pond for some live performances! This might also mean a realistic chance for the Act of Free Choice DVD seeing the light of day.

More information about the planned David Bridie Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD) release of the Act of Free Choice album is available on the Super Audio CD website.

The 'Act of Free Choice' EP has been released in Australia. The EP is backed with two exceptional b-sides: 'Hide' and 'Malaria'. All Royalties from the release go to the Institute for Human Rights Study and Advocacy. So buy a few copies and give them as gifts...


Act of Free Choice EP Released + DVD Plans Shelved [July 24, 2001]
The final release from the Act of Free Choice sessions sees release this week in Australia. 'Act of Free Choice' includes two unreleased AOFC session tracks as the b-sides -- Hide and Malaria, as well as a new remix of the title track. Track listing is as follows:

    Act of Free Choice
    The Deserters
    Act of Free Choice [Shaboom Mix]

This single replaces the previously planned single release for 'The Deserters.' No mention of what will become of the previously announced b-side release of Wire's 'Map Reference'. All royalties from the sale of the Act of Free Choice EP will be donated to ELS-HAM, the West Papuan Institute for Human Rights Study and Advocacy.

In disappointing news, plans for the DVD release of the Act of Free Choice videos has been shelved. David Bridie mentions in his latest on-line diary that he plans to release the videos in VHS format through his website and at gigs beginning in August. There is also mention of a SACD (Super Audio Compact Disc) release of Act of Free Choice (from Sony Europe) which is planned to contain the 5:1 mixes of the album tracks plus the title track 'Act of Free Choice'

Still no further word on the aforementioned NDW re-release or the David Bridie unreleased film and project music, but here's keeping our collective fingers crossed that it happens.

In-depth David Bridie Interview [April 1, 2001]
Anil Prasad, NDW fan and music journalist, recently published an in-depth and most excellent interview with David Bridie on his worthwhile Innerviews website.

The next single 'The Deserters' will include three unreleased AOFC session tracks as the b-sides -- Hide, Wire's 'Map Reference', and Malaria.

David's recent online diary also mentions his progress on the Tempted and My Brother Jack soundtracks, management changes, tentative recording plans and more details about the internet-only release of unreleased tracks.

The glossy UK music mag 'Q Magazine' gave Act of Free Choice 4 out of 5 stars. The UK release date looks to be firm with April 16. David and band will be playing several shows in support of the release in London on the 23rd of April and May 1.

Upcoming Studio 22 session taped [March 31, 2001]
David recently taped a session for Studio 22 - an Australian live music program. The results of which will be broadcast on April 19 on ABC in Australia.

Members of the studio audience (thanks MF) were treated to a 50 minute set which included:

    The Koran, The Ghan And A Yarn (full band, Bridie on Steinway grand piano)
    Breath (full band, Bridie on keyboards)
    Dive (full band, Bridie on keyboards)
    Dare Not Say A Word - by NDW (full band, Bridie on Steinway)
    Salt (full band, Bridie on keyboards)
    Float (full band, Bridie on keyboards)
    I've Got A Plan - by MFTCC (full band, Bridie on Steinway)
    Walk Me Home - by NDW (solo Bridie on Steinway)
    and a retake of The Koran, The Ghan And A Yarn...

The broadcast will most likely edit out several songs from the tracklist and will include interviews, etc...

David Bridie Interview Online & NDW Back catalogue news [February 15, 2001]
HowlSpace, an Australian online music resource, has posted a 30 minute RealVideo interview with David Bridie. David was interviewed by Ed Nimmervoll in mid-January.

In other interesting news, David has recently posted on his internet diary of his plans to sell a CD of unreleased film and project music that he has recorded over the past couple of years. The CD will hopefully be available in the not-too-distant future and will only be available through his website.

David also had the following exciting news to report, "The much-asked-for NDW back catalogue is finally moving ahead, our old manager Mark Bishop released the Proof and Hammers Over the Anvil soundtracks on a label called Rogues Gallery. We'll do the same with these, plus a distribution with Gaslight Records and web sales. As soon as I know more, ie contact details, I'll post it on the site."

David also added "The DVD is finally being authored and should be out to coincide with the release of The Deserters as the fourth single."

Rare Chocolate Cake Shows Announced [January 26, 2001]
My Friend the Chocolate Cake have recently announced several Folk Festival performances for the month of February.

The Port Fairy Folk Festival has announced on their website that all tickets have been sold at this point.

February 9th - 11th - Port Fairy Folk Festival
(playing times TBC)

Sunday, February 19th - Dandenong Folk Festival
(playing times TBC)

New DB single on the way + new live dates [January 5, 2001]
David Bridie's new CD single, Dive will see release soon and will contain two Marius DeVries' mixes of the title track. The single will also add a live mix of the unreleased track Act of Free Choice and Alex Loyd's Eurodisco mix of Sad.

The UK release of Act of Free Choice is now scheduled for release in March.

David Bridie and his live support band have solidified a number of new live dates over the next few months.

F 19
S 20
M 22
T 23
W 24
T 25
F 26
S 27

T 1
F 2
S 3
S 4
S 11
S 17
S 18
Sydney Fringe Fest. - Bondi Pavilion (w/ Kinetic and DJ Crucial)
Brass Monkey - Cronulla
The Metro - Sydney (supporting Coldplay)
Great Northern Hotel - Byron Bay (w/ The Visitors)
SJ's Hotel - Newcastle (w/ The Visitors)
The Basement - Sydney (w/ Eva Trout)
Big Day Out - Sydney
The Continental - Melbourne

The Perth International Arts Festival - The Watershed
Settlers Tavern - Margaret River
Prince of Wales - Bunbury
Mojo's - Fremantle
The St Kilda Festival - Melbourne
Womadelaide Festival
Womadelaide Festival

Hammers Over The Anvil - US DVD Release [January 2, 2001]
The DVD version of Hammers Over The Anvil, starring Russell Crowe, with music by Not Drowning, Waving, has been released in the US. The score was NDW's last official release, and was found on the Rogue's Gallery label in Australia in 1994, and it might just still be available here.

Be warned however, the video transfer used on this DVD is among the worst I have seen on a commercial DVD. The DVD is Region Encoded 1 - for North American use only.

David Bridie's & MFTCC Upcoming Live Dates [November 29, 2000]
David Bridie and his live support band (Michael Barker: Drums and sequence, Phil Wales: guitar and bilas, Christian Scallan: bass and sequence, and Tim Milliken: sound) will be playing a few festivals during the upcoming months of January and February. Tentative dates are as follows, with exact schedules yet to be determined

Big Day Out (Melbourne, Sydney Adelaide, Perth: TBD)
Womadelaide with Telek (Adelaide: Feb 16-18)
Supporting Coldplay (Melbourne, Sydney Adelaide: TBD)
Perth Festival (TBD)

Also making a rare appearance before the year comes to a close is My Friend the Chocolate Cake, who have also announced two live shows at the Melbourne Continental Cafe on December 27th and December 28th.

David Bridie will also perform a few tunes at the Reconciliation gig at the Continental Cafe on Friday December 1st.

David Bridie Showcase on Triple J [November 10, 2000]
Australian radio station Triple J will be featuring a 3 hour radio documentary on David Bridie during an upcoming broadcast of "The J-Files."

The David Bridie episode will air November 16th and features old tracks, rarities, live performances, interviews, phone-in contributions from fans, etc.

In A Savage Land - ARIA Winner! & New Tour Dates [October 25, 2000]
Congratulations to David Bridie, who received a recent ARIA Award at the 14th Annual ARIA Awards for Best Original Soundtrack Album for In A Savage Land (EMI).

David also sets out on another tour of Australia. Confirmed dates are as follows:

October 31
November 1
November 2
November 3
November 4
November 10
November 11
November 18
The Basement
Clarendon Guest House
Fisho's Club
Gypsy Bar
Governer Hindmarsh
Hi Fi Bar
Cafe Who
Blue Mountains
Hobart (TBC)

An excellent and in-depth interview with Telek and his band is also now available at Innerviews. Check it out!

New DB Single Details [October 3, 2000]
The second single from David Bridie's critically acclaimed album, "Act Of Free Choice" will be released in Australia on October 16. The new CD single, Float, will include the following tracks;

Float [Radio Edit]
Float [FF5 Flambe Version]
Kerosene [Salmonella Dub Mix]
The Koran, The Ghan And A Yarn [Moloko's Word Mix]

In other DB news, the UK release of Act of Free Choice, has been firmed up for January of 2001. A US release is also in the works, with details forthcoming...

New Competition [September 17, 2000]
You can win one of ten VHS copies of all the David Bridie short films. Simply correctly answer the question "Who ran a competition to film the final video for 'Salt'?" Send your entry to David Bridie Comp, PO Box 311, Cremorne NSW 2090 or email us at chemistry@emimusic.com.au by October 6, 2000.

Hint: The answer is Triple J.

Kudos to Bridie (and Telek)! [September 15, 2000]
Looks like David Bridie has a lot to crow about at present... The 14th Annual ARIA Award nominations were recently announced and DB has been nominated in four categories as follows:


Congratulations are also due to Telek. His excellent 'Serious Tam' CD has been released world-wide on Real World records (and on Origin Records in Australia). Telek also made his first appearance (with David Bridie) in the United States at the recent WOMAD festival in Washington, as well as his appearances in the UK. Several photos from the Washington WOMAD performance are available here. Big thanks to Anil Prasad of Innerviews for these fine shots!

Calling All Filmmakers [June 26, 2000]
David Bridie’s much lauded debut solo album, Act Of Free Choice, has a short film completed for almost every song by celebrated young Australian short film-makers such as Lynne Hamilton and Emma Sleath; all except one track – ‘Salt’.

Australian radio station Triple J and David Bridie have offered listeners the opportunity to make the short film for this track and have the clip shown at every live performance by David when he plays ‘Salt’.

All that you need to do is send a synopsis (of less than 500 words) to the following address and if that synopsis is chosen, that listener gets to don the director’s peak cap and make that film clip;

The Triple J / David Bridie Competition
GPO Box 4119
Sydney, NSW 2001

Or e-mail to davidbridiecomp@triplej.abc.net.au

‘Salt’ is also available in Real Audio (using the free Real Player) at the Triple J / David Bridie promo website.

All entries must be in by close of 7th July and the lucky winner will be announced on Triple J's ‘Creatures…’ show on 9th July.

19 Easy Pieces Easily Ordered [May 7, 2000]
After a long delay, the My Friend the Chocolate Cake rarity compilation, 19 Easy Pieces, is finally available for secure online credit card purchase.

The band-produced effort is billed as "
a collection of hidden cake tunes from film soundtracks, theatreworks, compilations and deleted b-sides." This 19 track collection spans the Cake history with a special emphasis on the gentler side of things.

Three tracks are exclusive to this release - the new song "You're No Flower Anymore" and two soundtrack pieces from the unreleased score to That Eye the Sky - "That Eye the Sky" and "Dead Errol."

Recent Web Updates [May 5, 2000]
David Bridie's new official website has gone online this week, it includes a comprehensive listing of his film scores and lyrics to his latest CD, Act of Free Choice. Future additions to the site include track and video samples and a diary section...

The EMI website has new updates also including dates for David Bridie's upcoming Australian tour. No official word yet on a US release of Act of Free Choice, but stay tuned.

In related news, the DVD version of The Myth of Fingerprints will be released in the US on May 9, 2000. The spare and gently acoustic score by David Bridie and John Phillips is certainly a key element of the film. Definitely worth checking out! The DVD however is Region Encoded 1 - for North American use only.

David Bridie - Album News, Reviews, and DVD info [April 23, 2000]
With the impending release of David Bridie's debut CD, Act of Free Choice, (released by EMI Music on 8th May in Australia) comes tracklist information, exciting DVD news and several new reviews.

The press release for Act of Free Choice includes David's own descriptions of the eleven songs that make up his debut solo release, and it has received a four-star review in Australian Rolling Stone magazine, which calls it "...an album to get lost in". Similarly Drum Media has published a glowing review for the first single from the CD, The Koran, The Ghan. and a Yarn, naming it "Single of this, or any other week!"

The Act of Free Choice press release also contains exciting news regarding the commissioned film clips (see news item below) — "As well as the conventional CD version there will also be a DVD version of the album available, with short films by 11 different filmmakers accompanying the songs."

David Bridie - The Koran... Video News [April 22, 2000]
David Bridie's debut solo single, The Koran, The Ghan And A Yarn, will be released by EMI Music on 10th April in Australia.

The single, which has been produced by Ian Caple (Tricky, Tindersticks) and remixed by dance luminaries such as Kid Loco, Moloko and Pnau, is accompanied by a stunning film clip, made by award-winning Melbourne-based film student Emma Sleath. Appropriately filmic in its structure and reflecting the textural nature of the track, Emma's clip takes the form of a series of images which represent the complex nature and moods of David's lyrics and ambient music.

A film clip by young Australian independent filmmakers has been commissioned for every track on David Bridie's forthcoming album, Act of Free Choice (which will be released by EMI Music on 8th May). In a groundbreaking move, these clips will be shown at metropolitan cinemas throughout the winter months prior to the main feature, making David's music and the accompanying independent films accessible to a whole new Australian audience.

Cosmo Cosmolino - New CD [March 28, 2000]
Cosmo Cosmolino, a side project starring Hope and Helen of My Friend the Chocolate Cake, recently announced the release of their new CD Streetsweeper.

Cosmo Cosmolino includes Hope Csutoros and Andrea Keeble (violins), Helen Mountfort (cello), Judy Gunson (accordion and vocals), and Dan Witton (double bass). Drawing broadly from the traditions of European gypsy and tango orchestras Cosmo Cosmolino plays mostly original instrumental music.

Streetsweeper features 13 tracks including "Caipirinha Afternoon", a sultry tango written by Hope Csutoros, "The Enormous Club", a quirky waltz written by Helen Mountfort, and covers of a couple of tunes by Astor Piazzolla. "Gyermek Enek" (children's song) is a slow song written by Hope and Helen and sung by Judy, while the title track "Streetsweeper" is a whimsical waltz written by Hope, Helen and Judy. Also on the record is a gypsy-like rendition of Erik Satie's "Gnossienne no. 1" and a lush version of popular Jewish tune "Terk in Amerika".

Copies of Streetsweeper will soon be available by credit card online or you can get it immediately by sending a cheque or money order (in Australian dollars only! cheques made payable to Judy Gunson) for $AU20.00 per CD to:

Cosmo Cosmolino
13/8 Westbury Street
East St Kilda
VIC 3183

Postage and handling costs are:
Within Australia: $AU 5.00 1st CD + $AU2.00 per additional CD on the same order.
Outside Australia: $AU10.00 1st CD + $AU2.50 per additional CD on the same order.

Cosmo Cosmolino can be contacted by email at doodah@netspace.net.au

David Bridie - New solo CD single [March 27, 2000]
David Bridie: The Koran, The Ghan And A Yarn

David Bridie's highly anticipated debut solo single will be released on April 10 including mixes from French beats wizard Kid Loco, the UK's Moloko and Australia's own Nick Littlemore (Pnau) .

Spawned in a desert, realised on an island, recorded in the hills and mixed in Brixton - Bridie manages to capture a unique sense of worldly ambiance as the song floats through a lyrical journey of defining cultures.

As a testimonial to what's around the corner the single includes the album cut "Sad" - a melodic statement of belief wrapped in a melting pot of textural delights from an antique rhythm box to a loop of morse code.

Bridie's masterpiece album version of "Koran" is enhanced only by the surrounding mixes courtesy of Kid Loco, Moloko, Nick Littlemore and Simon Polinksi.

The Koran, The Ghan And A Yarn
1. [Kid Loco Royal Belleville mix]
2. [Molokos Brydon Bridie dub]
3. [album version]
4. [Seaside Resort mix]
5. Sad [album version]
6. [Nicholas Littlemore (Pnau)]
7. [Kid Loco Royal Belleville instrumental mix]