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Not Drowning Waving
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Sing Sing
A Next Wave Festival Event

Sydney State Theatre Saturday 25 May - Bookings First Call 320 9000
Melbourne Concert Hall Sunday 26 May - Bookings BASS 11500

An extraordinary music event is beginning to take shape. SING SING will bring the indigenous threads of musical culture from across Australia, Papua New Guinea, Torres Strait Islands in concert together in Melbourne, Sydney, then onto Port Moresby. The concerts will feature an extraordinary list of talents including Kev Carmody, Archie Roach, Ruby Hunter, Telek (PNG's most popular performer), Buia - the Torres Strait Islands dance troupe choreographed by Albert David, members of Yothu Yindi, Frances Williams, William Takaku, accalaimed actor and director of the National Theatre Company of Papua New Guinea, and the Kaiwosi PNG Performance group.

One of Australia's most popular and innovative groups, Not Drowning Waving, will reform for the duration of the project, continuing to develop the brilliant collaboration between themselves and Telek, Yothu Yindi drummer Ben Hakalitz and flautist/vocalist Pius Wasi (leader of the Kaiwosi performance group) that began with the acclaimed Tabaran.

The SING SING concerts will celebrate the traditional and the contemporary, exploring the cultural links and shared colonial histories of these three territories. The Torres Strait Islands and the Western Province of PNG are so close they can be seen by each other across the water. The respective music scenes of these territories are vibrant and quickly gaining world recognition, yet are rarely joined together. SING SING will explore the often shared musical heritage and experience of the performers (from brushes with Slim Dusty and Hank Williams to missionary gospel music), the cultural and historical links between their islands and peoples (carried via the trade boats running between the islands) and the distinctive stories and sounds of each of the performers 'ples' (place).

The musical performers will be joined by choreographers, lighting and visual designers and sound designers, introducing production values rarely encountered in Australian concerts outside the huge arena circuit. Contemporary and traditional dance will be a major part of SING SING, fusing with groove music to produce a challenging and entertaining look at the real Australian music scene. SING SING boasts the integrity and explosive musical potential of the internationally renowned Womad Concerts, whilst focusing very much on our part of the world.

SING SING is produced by the Next Wave Festival. Next Wave is a unique Australian contemporary arts festival committed to artistic excellence, and offering an independent forum for young, emerging and culturally diverse arts practises. Next Wave has produced five extraordinarily successful biennial arts festivals in Melbourne. The sixth Next Wave Festival will run from the 17th of May to the 2nd of June, 1996.

The SING SING concerts will give some of our best contemporary music artists the opportunity to work together to create a seamless evening of high quality performance.

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