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David Bridie
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THE KIAP SONG (Remapped by Mike B. Fisher)
BLACKWATER (Remapped by Secret Masters)
HOME ON MY OWN (Remapped by Fitzy)
PALAU (Remapped by Josh Abrahams)
THOMASTOWN (Remapped by Rik Nicholson and David Hostetler)
WILLOW TREE (Remapped by Sri Yukteswar)
BIG SKY (Remapped by David Thrussell)
MR. SUHARTO MAN (Remapped by John Phillips)
HIBAKUSHA (Remapped by Nicole Skeltys)
THE SAME HEAT (Remapped by Paul Smyth and Paul Cartwright)
ASCENDING (Remapped by Nick Littlemore)
FISHING TRAWLER (Remapped by Will Pyett)
MAROON RUST (Remapped by Ian Caple)
COLD AND THE CRACKLE (Remapped by Arcane Trickster)
STORM (Remapped by All India Radio)
LITTLE STORM (Remapped by Simon Polinski)
SING SING (Remapped by Tim Cole)

We've always wanted to do a remix album and we liked the idea of offering
the multi-track tapes of our back catalogue to various respected musicians
and engineers to rework however they chose to. There was no brief – no
requirements, no guidelines, no limitations. Some have done alternate
mixes, some have used a few parts and sounds to build new musical pieces,
some made atmospheric soundscapes. Since we had no budget for this
project, our esteemed musical colleagues got involved because they wanted
to and out of respect for the music – an attitude that harks back to the very
foundations of NDW. What you have here are reinterpretations and
reworkings by friends, acquaintances and fellow musicians we've had the
pleasure to get to know over the years. There are even some remixes by
students of the electronic music course that John teaches at RMIT. We're
grateful to all those who participated in this exercise, and apologise to
those whose contributions we couldn't fit onto the final CD compilation
(these tracks will go onto the website for your listening pleasure). We're
proud of this record – a strange sonic collision between various gifted
musical artists and the NDW oeuvre, a body of work that goes back over
20 years. This collection of remixes is as much our endorsement of the
artists who reworked our music as it is their salute to not drowning, waving,
and it seems a fitting way to close the book.

(Remapped by Mike B. Fisher)
Remixed and produced by Mike B. Fisher

Mike was one of the original members of Machines of Loving Grace in the early ’90s. He’s recently released a cd under the name of Amish Rake Fight. When this track arrived it really kicked us along in organising this compilation. NDW

(Remapped by Secret Masters)
Remix and additional production by Secret Masters
Brian Westbrook and Pieter Bourke. Engineered by Pieter Bourke
at 33rd Degree Studio, Melbourne. July 2005.

We were drawn to the strong political theme and rhythmic energy of Blackwater. We’ve given it a dub makeover, stripped back and epic, while remaining true to the original sentiment. SM

(Remapped by Fitzy)
Dr. Arschlosch Remix

Ridiculous reverbs and audio elasticity etc etc etc by Michael Fitzgerald, drums by Matt 'of the night' Radford c/o left hand cuts the right RIP. Fitzy

(Remapped by Josh Abrahams)
Ghosts In the Machine Version

Remix and additional production by Josh G. Abrahams at Fishtank
Recording Studio.

The man behind FSOM, Josh can now add this to his TISM, Something for Kate and Rani remixes. Great to have him aboard. NDW

(Remapped by Rik Nicholson and David Hostetler)
R&D Labs Remix

Remix and additional production by Rik Nicholson and David Hostetler.

Rik and David are US based (California and Arizona respectively), fine musicians and web site grand poobahs (Rik runs the site) If anyone knows our stuff it’s the Rikster. NDW

(Remapped by Sri Yukteswar)

Remix and additional production by Jim Moginie and Brent Clark

Having spent years bending that guitar neck for Midnight Oil gentleman Jim has collaborated with DB on a few film soundtracks and has lent a hand on many fine albums including Neil Finn and Neil Murray. He now has a solo album that is about to be released. NDW

(Remapped by David Thrussell)
Smokestacks Loom Over The Big Sky

Remix by SNOG 2006

Thruster is an ol’ mate of JP’s. Over the years he’s done great remixes for Telek and the Sound of the Morning Star West Papua cd as well as releasing fine work with Snog. NDW

(Remapped by John Phillips)
Remix by John Phillips

This mix uses a mesh of kick drums, a bed of PNG & West Papuan flutes, mostly recorded in Mu village in the highlands, and recordings of sing-sings, village life, insects, and just the 29 degree air around West Papua, that all seems to seethe the song back to life. NDW

(Remapped by Nicole Skeltys)
Sirens Mix

Remix by Nicole Skeltys

Nicole used to play in the mighty Biftek, she now plays in the band Dust. She was an obvious choice for us to approach. She has a way with keyboard textures and a firm conviction about the way she wants to approach music. NDW

(Remapped by Paul Smyth and Paul Cartwright)

Remixed by Paul Smyth and Paul Cartwright
Paul Smyth - keyboards / treatments
Paul Cartwright - electric bass / electric guitar / vocals

Paul C is such a fine bass player that when Rowan couldn’t make the Queenscliff Music Festival gigs, Paul stepped in and acquitted himself with flying colours. The two Pauls’ mix of track one off The Little Desert came out of Adelaide... so did The Same Heat. NDW

(Remapped by Nick Littlemore)
Pnau's Rage Against The Dying Light Mix

produced by nicholas littlemore @ homestead studios
mixed by peter mayes @ air tight cross kings studios

The very talented Nick produced DB’s Hotel Radio and was involved in the Sound of the Morning Star cd and concert. He plays wild analogue keyboards with Pnau and the Kings of Swing. NDW

(Remapped by Will Pyett)
Hear The Fish Remix

Remix and additional production Wilham

Late night piano looped for eternity, swirling vocals, out-take strings and a beat found at Dave's Boutique, cut it up and lay it down raw. WP

(Remapped by Ian Caple)
Up North Mix

Remixed by Ian Caple, bass by Duncan Virgoe
drums & extra percussion by Joe Caple.
Mixed at the Enormodome North Sussex UK

Ian produced and mixed many of David’s solo albums as well as many of The Tindersticks’ albums and Tricky’s Pre-Millennium Tension. He also worked with Shriekback and you can hear that influence on this mix of the instrumental from Claim. A fine gent and a quality sound designer. NDW

Cold and the Crackle (Remapped by Arcane Trickster)
Remix production by Arcane Trickster
engineered by Arcane Trickster & Simon Polinski @ Tempest Studios &
Laundry Goat Studios

These guys, mates of Simon Polinski’s, were the first to submit their mix. We instantly fell in love with this treatment. NDW

(Remapped by All India Radio)

Remix by All India Radio at Inevitable

When David Bridie approached me out of the blue to remix a Not Drowning, Waving, song, I jumped at the chance. I knew immediately I wanted to remix Storm from one of my all-time favourite albums The Little Desert. The album gives me that rare feeling of time and place whenever I listen to it. My main aim was to keep the remix as simple and true as possible while attempting to inject a fragile, lo-fi feel into the song, like when you hear a song on a small radio out in the middle of nowhere – when you walk away from it you can hear the sounds slowly merge with the breeze and open spaces, slowly degrading and fading away, leaving just impressions.
Martin Kennedy, All India Radio

(Remapped by Simon Polinski)

Hesius Dome Remix
Remix by Simon Polinski at Laundry Goat Studio

We remember when NDW were doing a bunch of remixes of the first four albums at Hothouse Studios there was this funny mixing dude with a number one haircut taking the piss out of us. He was Simon Polinski. Years later Simon worked often with some of us on a variety of projects including Telek’s debut album, MFTCC and various film scores. Simon now releases his ambient cds on Psy Harmonics and is “big in Japan.” NDW

SING SING (Remapped by Tim Cole)
Remix by Tim Cole at the Enormodome

I have been in battle with my worthy adversary the sing sing monster since its birth onto stage in the early ’80s. We have fought live on many occasions and three times in the studio, live on the Sing Sing ep, on Cold and the Crackle and on Tabaran.We enter the ring again here on Maps. TC

Not Drowning, Waving are: David Bridie, John Phillips, Rowan McKinnon,
Tim Cole, Russel Bradley and James Southall

Additional musicians: Helen Mountfort, Penny Hewson, Amanda Brotchie,
George Telek, Pius Wasi, Ben Hakalitz

Lyrics by David Bridie

other ndw releases: Another Pond, The Little Desert, Cold and the Crackle,
Claim, Tabaran and Circus

Maps for Sonic Adventurers produced and co ordinated by David Bridie, John Phillips, Tim Cole and Russel Bradley. Mastered by Tim Cole

Thanks to Philip Mortlock, Chris Gough, Bernard Galbally, Jon Casimir, Warren, Paul and all the gang at Liberation, Bob Chettle, Dennis O'Brien, Karen Walker, Karin Berg, Rik Nicholson, Jaime Murcia, Philip Greenwood, Lynne, Winnie and Stella, Ross and Rosemary, Kerry, Elizabeth, Hanna, Oliver and Miles, Emily, Roland, Aster and Imogen, Michael, Jackson and Alice, Jane, Lewis, Eadie, Lauren and Wesley, Karen, Debra, Semina,
Dan C, Anna and everyone who supported us along the way.

art & design: Russel Bradley |

photography: Gabriele Sochor, Lee Orsbun, Frederic Roux, Carolyn Seelen, dreamstime

®©2006 Liberation Music under exclusive license from the blunt label