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Not Drowning Waving
lyrics and album credits




Russel Bradley : congas, drums, cymbals
David Bridie : piano, keyboards
Rowan McKinnon : bass, acoustic guitar
John Phillips : electric guitar
James Southall : bongos
Andrew Carswell : mandolin


... this is a fine country to be in ...
Under the white sky the black limbs of trees,
The cold and the crackle and nothing felt right
Oh this quiet like stillness the mission begun,
They were waiting around for the wasting.

And in the warm nights he would fly from the skies,
By day he just stared at the closing in,
And she just lives there like a fallen down tree,
She says there are places she’d much rather be.

He said, 'you know sometimes there seems to be
More of the sky and not so much of me...
more of the sky, much less of me...'

Russel Bradley : big drums
David Bridie : piano, vocals
Rowan McKinnon : acoustic guitar
John Phillips : guitar
James Southall : bell stick
Helen Mountfort : cello, vocals

tape of cockies by les gilbert


Russel Bradley : congas, cheese drums, bowed cymbal
David Bridie : keyboards
John Phillips : electric guitar
James Southall : bongos
Helen Mountfort : cello

tape of swamp sounds by les gilbert


When there's nothing much to work for, you have to say that life gets stale
Well there's forty miles of suburbs, where everything's for sale
From the roads to the houses we sleep behind, and the talk behind the fence
Where the need to reproduce ourselves, grows stronger everyday

And the conversation's awkward, when there's little left to say
With all this believing in the family, that keeps the father strong
And the men are loud and foolish, tell of how they've done it on their own
And how they won't take the push no more, but it seems they always do
And the marriage is a mess

And she practices neatness, and reads pink books of blue romance
She keeps neat clipped lawns and roses, and the bruises on her face
Whilst the banks put up bright posters, scream we've got money to give away
Well it's as easy as that right here, but the bank man is a bastard
And the marriage is a mess, and they hardly talk any more

you oughta be congratulated

David Bridie: piano, vocals
John Phillips : guitar
Helen Mountfort : cello

tapes of mill park cars, television and domestic sounds by tim cole and david bridie


David Bridie : piano, keyboards
John Phillips : guitar


Oh suitcases full of blue puppets, save me from the plight
of Little King. No, no uncle, I think it's milk. What what.
I'm still eating beans. Hold it there with the cake jester,
here comes the cream, here comes the cream, Noddy,
Noddy, Noddy. Kill the clock, I'm hearing those I'm
hearing those bells, Noddy. Slap me uncle, you gotta slap
me uncle, I'm hearing bells, you got to bring me to my
feet uncle, my little feet, yeah, I'm doing good and I can
do it again, heh, ooh, ooh, slap me uncle bring me to my little
Feet, what's that rushes through me body thus? Why
It's blood rejoicing in the heart. Heck I've got blood in me
Body, why I'm a woman too, Little King, Little King, Little
King, I'm a woman too. Like Shakespeare I'm a man, just
Like Flipper, just like Rinny-Tinny, Rinny-Tinny. Little King.
Little King. Shot the moon with me broom, hey Micky take
That penny from the sky; the rains falling down just like
Little children racing back to mother.

Russel Bradley : tablas, drums
David Bridie : piano, keyboard, bad edit
Robby Douglas-Turner : vocals, lyrics
Rowan McKinnon : bass
John Phillips : wild guitar
James Southall : congas

tape of bells by tim cole


Russel Bradley : drums
David Bridie : keyboards, drum, sticks
Amanda Brotchie : fish stick, vocals
Maurice Lacy : bongos
John Phillips : guitar
Warren Siebert : toms
James Southall : congas

taped voices from oslobip village, highlands of papua new guinea voices sampled by tim cole and david bridie, tape of bats and frogs by les gilbert. ponam island sing sing by alfonse kawei and hubert papi and performed by the ponam islanders, recorded by david bridie and james southall nov ‘86.


Down near the mines, the forests of rain, the ones who
live there just wait, they're hiding away, they're fighting out there.

for arnold ap

Russel Bradley : marimba
David Bridie : piano, keyboards, vocals
Amanda Brotchie : vocals
John Handlie: flute
Rowan McKinnon : bass, acoustic guitar
John Phillips : guitar
James Southall : congas, bells, gong

sampled sounds are : slit log, garamut drums (manus). seed pod rattles (highlands). women singing (trobriand islands) performed by sogeri national high school students at the konedobu culture centre, port moresby


It's Eleanor Talbot down by Kerry's Green,
Sings to her house by the sea
And the purple tea cosy she wears on her head
It has holes for her ears and why not cos she's happy

The smell of the fibro, the memories of Northcote,
Tied up in a bag in the shed on the floor,
And sometimes she dances the dog to the rhumba
And then sleeps cos she's happy

It's enough for her just to be there,
That here was the place where she stopped
And she says to herself you're a nutty old fruitcake
But dear to my heart all the same
And she's happy as can be, and she's happy by the sea
Cos she lives by Kerry's Green, and she's happy there

David Bridie : piano, harmonium, vocals
Rowan McKinnon : bass, acoustic guitar
Andrew Carswell : mandolin

recording of old farm machinery by tim cole and david bridie


David Bridie : piano
John Phillips : guitar


David Bridie : piano, keyboards
John Phillips: guitar


I'm going up the country, don't you want to go
I'm going up the country, hey don't you want to go
Well I'm going to some place but where, I just don't know
I'm going up the country, water tastes like wine
I'm going up the country, water tastes like wine
Well I've been away for so long
Well we can jump in the water, and stay drunk all the time
I'm going up the country, water tastes like wine
Well I've been away for so long
For such a long, long time.

David Bridie : piano, keyboards
John Phillips : guitar

All songs by Not Drowning, Waving, lyrics by David Bridie
except Little King by Robbie Douglas-Turner and Going up The Country by A. Wilson

All songs published by Warner Chappell Music
except Going Up The Country by EMI Catalogue

Little King, Clay, Kerry’s Green, Under Roof, Under Tree and Sitting recorded at Monsalvat, Eltham in the Great Hall and Jorgy’s Bedroom.

Additional tracks recorded at Kwiklik and Working Class Recorders.

Clay mixed at Kwiklik 1987. Little King, Kerry’s Geen, Under Roof, Under Tree and Sitting remixed at Studio 52, 1990. All engineered by Tim Cole. Produced By Not Drowning,Waving.

Yes Sir I Can Boogee, Cold and the Crackle, Plog and The Marriage Is A Mess recorded at Sing Sing Studios and mixed at Hothouse Studios 1990. Engineered by Tim Cole, assisted by Carmen Jobson and Miranda McLachland • Produced by Not Drowning, Waving

Brother Norbert recorded and mixed at AM/FM Studios 1986. Engineered by Roger Campbell. Produced by David Bridie and John Phillips.

Sing Sing recorded and mixed at Fast Foward Studios 1986. Engineered by John French and Tim Cole. • Produced by John French And Not Drowning, Waving...

Going Up The Country recorded and mixed at Pig Pen Studios 1987. Engineered by Tim Cole and John Phillips. • Produced by Tim Cole, David Bridie and John Phillips.

All tracks mastered at Dex Audio by John Ruberto and Tim Cole

Many thanks to Peter Barnes emulator, Greg Osbourne trumpet, Luigi Collodetti, Fiona MacKenzie, Fiona Moriarty and Penelope Davis live shows, Brian Peters and Mr. Andrew stage, Michael the corrigated iron man, Simon Burton filmwork, Mark Worth live visuals, Josh logs on fire at Monsalvat, Sigmund Jorgensen for the use of Monsalvat and the macadamians, Andrew Hickenbotham video at Union Theatre, Adam Duke, David Herzog, Nadine Solowij, Philip Greenwood, Bill and Jeremy and Jim and Agnes Paliau, Paul Lokei, Rose Hilokes, Alfonse Kawei, and Hubert Papi on Ponam Island.

No thanks to the fruitloop who stole the cheese drum.

Film clips for Marriage Is A Mess by Luigi Acquisto. Yes Sir I Can Boogee by Tim Cole. Kerry’s Green by Mc Gregor Noch. Sing Sing by Mark Worth.

Other Not Drowning, Waving releases: Another Pond, The Little Desert, Claim and Tabaran.

Photography –
Philip Greenwood
Art & Direction – Russel Bradley

When being managed Not Drowning, Waving choose: Mark Bishop Management P.O. Box 40 Burnley Victoria Australia 3121