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My Friend The Chocolate Cake
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Slice of Heaven
by Justine Oates & Adam Gibson

MFTCC’s cellist Helen Mountfort wants to make one thing clear - the band is not just a mere throwaway side project of her acclaimed other band, Not Drowning, Waving. Just because she and NDW lead singer and songwriter Davie Bridie are involved with this "other band", doesn’t mean than MFTCC is any less important.

"It actually sells as many, if not more, records than NDW does," Helen said. "The bands are quite different - there are four other different people in both bands and they have completely different feels. We regard this band very highly and we put a great deal into it."

Still, comparisons cannot help but be made. Formed in 1989 after Helen and David decided to put together a wholly acoustic band MFTCC scored immediate success with a self-financed debut album. A hefty series of acclaimed gigs later, the band is poised to release a new album titled Brood on Mushroom Records.

"The other main differences, apart from the people between NDW and MFTCC is that MFTCC are a totally acoustic band while NDW are largely electric," she said. "MFTCC use just a cello violin, acoustic guitar, mandolin, pianos, and not even a full drum kit."

Check out the new album ‘Brood’ and the first single, ‘Throwing it Away,’ to hear what MFTCC are all about. Also look out for the band playing around town during the coming weeks.

Sunday Telegraph
July 17 1994