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My Friend The Chocolate Cake
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THE QUIET BITS -- Live Stuff and other sides

'Brood' was re-issued with 'The Quiet Bits' 10 track EP on 3/7/95. The CD contains a number of tracks recorded live in concert at Melbourne's Universal Theatre, as well as other misc songs.

The EP can also be bought directly from White Records by sending cheque/MO for $8 payable to White Records to:

My Friend the Chocolate Cake
PO Box 158
Albert Park
VIC. 3206

1. Brood [live]
2. John Cain Avenue [live]
3. The Chinese Envoy
4. Yandoit [live]
5. The Gossip [live]
6. Travel Shop [live]
7. Turkish Story
8. The Red Wallpaper
9. Bad News from Home
10. Slow Way to Go Down [live]

David Bridie on behalf of the Cake:
The Quiet Bits are somewhat vague musings, not to be taken as a Chocolate Cake album, but more as a companion to our first two albums. When we recorded Brood we did a bunch of extra tracks which were recorded with no fuss, straight on to tape at ungodly hours of the morning, lumpy bits and all. We present them here for your listening pleasure. The live recordings come from an BC recording of a show at Fitzroy’s Universal Theatre in 40 degree heat... Helen and Hope wore fancy dress, Michael and Andrew Richardson were on the verge of fatherhood, Andrew Carswell was a trouper as usual and I was on the verge of passing out, having recently returned from PNG with an unidentified head warping virus... our great appreciation to Paul and our lovable sound guy Stu McPhee for making us sound better than we thought we actually did. We all hope you enjoy these ‘bits’.

Notes: Tracks 3,7,8,9 recorded at Metropolis in 1993, Tracks 1,2,4,5,6,10 were recorded live at the Universal Theatre on Friday 2nd December 1994