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David Bridie
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David Bridie : Act Of Free Choice

Something wonderful is happening at EMI! They're putting their money into some great new artists; and Australian singer/songwriter David Bridie is just one of them.

The opening track, The Koran, The Ghan And A Yarn sets the tone of this album with a moving song of tantalising and calming quality, sparse keyboard notes and atmospheric production. Stunningly simple, the song contains strong melody and a solid gateway into listener involvement.

The second bass-driven song, Dive, pretty well sums up this album with the lyric "Hold on to your head now, it's waiting for us to dive right in..."

The Deserters is an album highlight with its superb and well-judged orchestral backdrop, expressive and soaring vocal and deeply moving sentiments. It's one of those complete songs which does everything great music is supposed to do - very, very beautifully.

The pace varies but the quality is sustained throughout this impressive and intelligent debut. If only all pop was like this! Highly recommended.

:: Tony Porter

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