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David Bridie Releases Act of Free Choice as Super Audio CD

Chrysalis Records will release singer/songwriter David Bridie's debut solo album Act of Free Choice on Super Audio CD (SACD). The atmospheric and textured recording was released in the UK earlier this month, and re-releasing it on the new high-resolution Super Audio CD format adds an entirely new dimension to this extraordinary album.

An in-demand producer and member of cult Melbourne acts Not Drowning, Waving and My Friend The Chocolate Cake (as well as veteran worldwide WOMAD festivals performer with his friend and musical collaborator George Telek), David Bridie is equally well known as a soundtrack composer. Having won numerous awards for his stunning soundtrack to the Australian movie 'In A Savage Land', he recently took a trip to Francis Ford Coppola's Hollywood mansion to work on the soundtrack to the forthcoming Burt Reynolds movie, Tempted.

Act Of Free Choice was recorded over 12 months. The music came together in places as near and far away as Bridie's Melbourne home-studio, Phillip Island, Mt Macedon, and Brixton, London. Three tracks were co-written with longtime collaborator and guitarist John Phillips, who lives in France.

"I think the record really works on an emotional level," Bridie says of Act Of Free Choice. "There's a sense of place in it. It feels...right." His trademark field recordings, traditional indigenous Australian instruments, heartfelt lyrics and delicate piano playing join an eerie electronic ambiance on Act Of Free Choice. Old analogue synthesizers also dance around the mix; drum loops from all kinds of bizarre sources lend a dirty funk to some tracks. There's a mysterious hymnal quality to much of it. A dreamscape.

Super Audio CD release
Released as a dual-layered hybrid disc, the SACD version contains three discrete recordings on the same disc. A standard CD layer features new mixes and several completely new tracks not included in the original release. However, swap over to the SACD layer and the listening experience changes significantly.

Using a revolutionary new recording technology called Direct Stream Digital, the re-mastered SACD version gives incredible airiness and transparency to the music. The disc is absolutely faithful to the original recording, letting the audience hear David Bridie's music exactly as he intended.

"Act Of Free Choice has lots of textural layering and Super Audio CD increases the clarity of this," commented Bridie. "The record lets you lose yourself. You can listen to it 12 times over and even on the 12th time you hear new things. This technology helps the audience perceive these subtleties - the spoken word, the ocean sound."

A third recording - SACD Multi-channel - adds even more to the listening experience, totally enfolding the listener in a new sensory experience as sound from multiple speakers recreates the original recording sessions in their true character and spatial dimensions. SACD Multi-channel records all components of sound, both direct and reflected, through multiple channels that can be recreated through the same number of loudspeakers with a degree of purity of which only DSD is capable. This allows instruments to keep their position and dimension, making the sonic fingerprint and space of the studio real parts of the listening experience. This "spatial truthfulness" of SACD multi-channel creates a new world of listening enjoyment.

Balance Engineer on Act Of Free Choice, Christian Scallan, is clear about the benefits of releasing the album on Super Audio CD. "It's all about music - SACD is the highest quality pure audio format available. With multi-channel SACD, it's like you're sat there right in the middle of the orchestra."

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