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David Bridie
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David Bridie
Act Of Free Choice

Released: 09.04.01

David Bridie has been around the music scene for over 15 years and has recently had great success with producing film soundtracks (he was awarded an ARIA award in his native homeland of Australia earlier this year for In A Savage Land, as well as three nominations for this his debut solo album). He has previously written for and appeared in other bands to critical acclaim.

Knowing this I was deeply disappointed, dare I say confused, upon hearing this album - Bridie himself feels it falls between Kraftwerk and Belle and Sebastian - which comes across as over-produced pretentious twaddle.

From the first track I was praying for something with more fluidity but the tunes seem to hang together via the slightest thread. Whilst this may have been Bridie's motivating force it just means that at one sitting this is really hard going.

The influence of his movie work is perhaps too dominant a force here, making this sound more like a film soundtrack than a cohesive solo effort. This is emphasized by the use of full orchestra in several places.

Sparse - and not too clever - lyrically I couldn't find any real redeeming points here to gain my interest. Whilst I realize there's a place for this type of music, that place is not on my stereo. So my act of free choice is not to listen any more.

Not the first to leave The Weakest Link, but he won't be going home with the money….
by Les Linyard

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