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David Bridie

Tracks found in the Rare Audio section will be available for a limited (and varying) amount of time and will not be archived. These will only consist of tracks that are not commercially available. Please support the artists and their families by purchasing their available recordings. Thanks!

And thanks to David Bridie for allowing and encouraging the release of these songs. If you enjoyed this Rare Audio installment, let us know on the message board.

Dumb - Crow (unreleased) [October 1, 2002]
In the late 1990's, unknown to many Bridie/NDW/MFTCC fans, David Bridie and John Phillips teamed up with a select group of musicians to begin a series of recording sessions that were to become the first CD for their new outfit "DUMB".

Over a period of six months, fifteen tracks were recorded. The DUMB CD, and the material from those sessions, was never released.

Crow is an unreleased gem of a song that evolved from an instrumental piece called "The Sleep of Rhythm", found on the "Projects" CD. Crow was a favorite of Bridie & Phillips, and the song slated to be the "single" for the DUMB CD. It was later slated to appear on the long-rumored much-delayed "Projects 2" CD. It's yours now!

David Bridie - Largo, Los Angeles [March 22, 2002]

The final stop on David's recent US/Canada tour was a memorable evening at Largo in Los Angeles. Playing for a full house, David Bridie and guitarist Phil Wales performed a stunning set. New tracks will be made available every few weeks.

1. It's All In The Way
2. Kerosene
3. Stumble Away
4. Malaria
5. Talk Mister Nation
6. The Koran, The Ghan, And A Yarn
7. Salt (I Don't Want To Go No Further)
8. The Last Great Magician
9. More Heart Than Me
10. Walk Me Home